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Waste Electrical And Electronic Disposal

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 (the WEEE Regulations) came into effect in the United Kingdom on 1st July 2007. The Regulations have been designed to prevent/reduce the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment by promoting its reuse , recycling and recovery. The separate collection of WEEE saves energy and resources and avoids hazardous materials from going to landfill.

Electrical and electronic equipment is any product that relies on electricity or batteries to perform its primary function, for example a kettle or a watch.

Products which are covered by the WEEE Regulations have a crossed out wheelie bin symbol on either the product itself or its packaging.

This symbol aims to encourage you to identify and dispose of WEEE product separately from other household waste when it reaches the end of its life.

From 1st July 2007, Whatabuy.co.uk is required to offer a free method of disposal of your old electrical and electronic equipment. Whatabuy.co.uk has joined a UK wide distributor take back scheme (DTS) to assist in delivering UK wide WEEE collection system to encourage our customers to recycle these goods. Whatabuy.co.uk has contributed towards the development of WEEE collection facilities, known as Designated Collection Facilities (DCF), for consumers to use throughout the UK.

If you have an old electrical or electronic product that has reached the end of its life you can deposit it free of charge for segregation and recycling at Civil Amenity Sites which are registered as DCF.
To find your nearest WEEE collection point visit

Please have your postcode ready to type in the recycling bank locator.
You can also call the recycle-more helpline on 0845 068 2572